The finance department is responsible for all of the financial transactions, the accounting information system, financial reporting and budgeting for the Township. These functions include regular activities such as accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, and cash management. Additional annual activities include special assessments, tax collections, annual reporting and budgeting.

The Township strives for transparency in financial reporting. See below for links to recent audited financial statements. The financial dashboard, which provides much of the same information plus additional statistics and information is available below.

The Township also strives for transparency in budgeting and follows all applicable laws and regulations related to the proposing the annual budget, holding a public hearing on said budget, and formally adopting the budget prior to the start of the fiscal year. Additionally, amendments are made throughout the year as necessary when circumstances, favorable or unfavorable, arise after the budget is adopted. See below for links to recent formally adopted annual budgets for the Township.

Township Adopted Budget

Michigan Treasury Citizen's Guide